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Gender: Female
Height: 5ft. 5in.

Personality: INTP/INTJ-A
-Introvert, shy, a bit socially awkward, nice, quiet, chill, intelligent, slightly silly, patient, persistent

-Likes: Peace and quiet, being by self, being in pajamas all day, cute stuffed animals, sunny afternoons and sunsets, sweetbread, cookies, animated show and movies, old and new school video games, retro computers, lost and obscure media, 80s/90s culture, Demoscene/Chiptune, Vaporwave, New Retro/Synthwave

-Dislikes: Loud noises, insects, big crowds, being the center of attention, romance, gossip, rudeness, darkness


-My fursona! : D an imaginative representation of myself for fun.
-Angel/Demon Wolf (Supernatural)
-Fire bender; Red & Blue
-Fluffy mane and medium length fur
-Can be both anthro and feral. Digitigrade.
*Can be drawn with or without wings


Art By Others: