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Enigma or Ænigma.
Just call them “Eni”

Gender: ???
Height: 5ft. 2in.
Species: ??? (canine-like)

Personality: INTP/INTJ-A
-Introvert, kind, quiet, observant, intelligent, geeky, chill, cool, slightly silly, patient, persistent

-Interests: Animated shows and movies, myths and urban legends, mythological monsters/creatures, lost and obscure media, old and new school video games, retro computers, 80s/90s culture, Future Funk, Demoscene/Chiptune, Vaporwave, New Retro/Synthwave

-Likes: Lazying around in pajamas all day, cute stuffed animals, dinosaurs and dragons, sweetbread, cookies, sunny afternoons and sunsets, graffiti/street art, listening to music, playing video games

-Dislikes: Loud noises, insects, big crowds, being center of attention, romance, gossip, rudeness, darkness


-My fursona c:
-Flat chest
-Wears thin glasses (optional)
-Fluffy mane and medium length fur
-Digitigrade. Anthro and feral.
-Can be drawn with or without wings
*The rainbow color palette on their ref are just suggested options, you can change their colors to brighter/darker shades of whatever other color too!

Art By Others: