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Rhett Grant

Gender: Male
Age: 18
Height: 5ft. 9in.

Bio:  (TLDR: He is lazy, tired and (literally) dead inside..)
-He was your average teen on his last year of high school. He treats everyone equally and is chill to hang out with. Nonchalant, can’t be easily offended and brushes things off with a laugh. Rhett is clever, but he doesn’t put much of an effort to actually use his smarts. In fact, he’s a lazy kind of kid. Procrastinates a lot and rather play some video games only to end up doing his homework at the last minute. Every time. He is hardly ever in a rush and doesn’t act on things of importance with priority. Much like any other teen, he likes to prop his feet up on a table and lean back on a chair as he drinks a coke and munches on potato chips. And then falls down like an idiot.

-One night after he hangs out with his peeps, Rhett returns home running late. He takes a shortcut, but was attacked and killed by a wanted murderer. During his death, he has a sort of out-of-body experience and sees a shadow/entity attempt to reanimate him and takeover, but in a scuffle with it to take his body back, it clings onto him as he revives and they end up trapped together. With his body in shock of the sudden and forceful return, he loses his memory of himself and his past. He gets out of the morgue from which he wakes from and ends up roaming lost on the streets as a homeless teen. Throughout the first few weeks, he gets episodes in which he fights against possession of the entity. Eventually he (somewhat) comes to terms with it, discovers and uses his newfound abilities to survive living on the streets.

-Usually neutral, quiet and ALWAYS looks tired. Still pretty lazy. Doesn’t smile. He dissociates from his surroundings and looks like he’s lost in deep thought. Very much lacks self confidence as well. A little bit awkward around people and kind of scared. Living on the streets shaped his cautiousness and distrust in people so it takes a long while for him to warm up to someone.
-You would hear him express himself with a lot of “um’s”, “uh’s” and bit of stuttering. But give him a break, he’s just confused and still trying to make sense of his situation. If and only if someone can gain his trust, he becomes slightly more open and expressive. He also starts to show bits of his true personality and on very rare occasion, he might give a smile.

-*Rhett shares his body with an entity, a sort of poltergeist made up of negative emotions. A vengeful entity. Non human and has no name. Unpredictable, erratic and dangerous, aggressive and will lash out on anything/everyone around it.
-There is internal conflict with these two. Occasionally, it attempts to possess his body while Rhett fights to stay in control. After every intense internal fight against possession, he ends with a nose bleed. They go on and off like this. If it gains possession, Rhett is unconscious…when he regains control, he “wakes up” with no memory during the time the entity took over.
-Even in control of Rhett’s body, it cannot properly communicate, it makes threatening groaning sounds to terrifying demonic yelling. The entity speaks to him with vague thoughts/ideas heard as mental (almost) inaudible whispers. Lots of disagreement with intrusive thoughts and miscommunication. Only Rhett can hear it. Sometimes when no one’s around, he seems like he’s talking to himself. He tends to argue with it a lot and it responds with attempt of possession. It makes him look like he’s fighting himself.. or kind of crazy.

-American. From a family of 4: Mother, Father and younger sister Amelia
-His father works with the police department as the lead investigator following the unusual case of a strange murderer, (whom is “sacrificing” adolescents and performing rituals with their bodies, leaving incenses, items and strange symbols carved onto their skin, all with an unknown diabolical purpose). Unfortunately, Rhett was their victim.
-The only thing he had to identify himself is his wallet in his right back pocket, which contained $10, a dead bank card and a school ID. That’s it.

-Human, Undead/Supernatural
-(Obtains abilities through the entity) Intangibility for limited time (drains his energy the longer he stays, has to return & recover for a bit), Summon shadowy claws, Fast and silent movement in form of a shadow, Regenerates but to state of health before his death (can still feel pain just 3x less intense, bleeds out less & cannot die again so easily).
-Slightly stronger than average. Has poltergeist-like force that can push around objects of up to 550 lbs. So a simple punch can knockout someone cold (and they’ll be feeling that for a good couple of days..). Force is exerted in spurts, he has to charge up for heavy objects.
-He unintentionally makes lights flicker, breaks light bulbs and affect/disrupts any device using electrical currents. Except glass cups, he breaks those A LOT. If he actually concentrates, he can affect everything within 30 ft. radius around him.
-Avoids mirrors and highly reflective surfaces, looks for too long he sees his appearance change and the entity show through him. Which scares the crap out of him. Only he can see this.
-Animals, those with “sharp eyes” and children around 5 yrs can see the entity showing through Rhett even if he is his regular self. (He likes dogs, but they don’t like him : (  …)
-Can see/sense other spirits and even demons. He can not overshadow/possess others (because he already has a physical body). Can’t really sleep, much less dream
-Resorts to lying, cheating and stealing to survive, he relies a little too much on his supernatural abilities to get away with things. Likes assorted junk food, chips and cheesy snacks, those are his favorite foods to steal. Just don’t expect him to share..
-You would usually find him chillin on a ripped couch, sitting on a roof with feet dangling over the edge, curled up on a window sill corner looking outside, on top of a broken car or laying on the ground staring up at the ceiling textures. Quite lost in deep thought.

-There’s few ways to truly harm him: 1.) Exposure to painful direct voltages (example: a taser gun) which would both hurt physically, temporarily disorient and disable abilities for a while (retains half strength and force, but cannot move fast, turn intangible or use his shadow claws). 2.) Using supernatural means (certain symbols, objects or power words) to inflict damage onto the entity, but it impedes him physically as well. 3.) Damage body with rapid fire.
-*The entity is the only thing that is keeping Rhett “alive”, if a powerful exorcism is performed and the entity is removed, Rhett will die (but what makes you think he’s just going to stand still for that?).


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