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Gender: Female
Age: 5 (human years)
Height: 3 ft. 2 in.

She’s an adorable sweetheart who’s friendly with others and lolls around with her tongue out a lot. She gives kisses to people she likes and enjoys sitting/laying on people’s feet and chewing on her favorite raccoon plush toy. Likes pats on the head, going out for walks, chasing rodents and barking at cats, and LOVES food. Will roll on her back for food. Anything for food.

-German Shepherd/Australian Cattle dog mix
-Adopted by Diego as a puppy from an animal shelter
-When you talk to her, she’ll just stare at you and smile
-Give her beef jerky and she will LOVE YOU FOREVER
-When she wants attention, she will go sit in front of you and stare at you for a while, if that doesn’t work she will walk to you and put her head on your lap and stare up at you and then start nudging your hand over her head with her snout
-She is Diego’s companion and sleeps curled up next to him. Snores too.


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