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Gender: Agender (They/Them, He/Him)
Age: ??? (appearance is somewhere between 28 and 35)
Height: Varies (Original form: 5ft. 10in. | Shifter form: 8ft. 11in. )


-A friendly, cool and composed individual with a sort of witty/flirty sense of humor. He has a kind of smug attitude and is a little too confident in his abilities. Speaks with an Eastern European accent. Highly adaptable to whatever environment he’s in, a master improviser in his ways. He is one VERY deceptive being in both wits and appearance, his clever quick thinking and fast actions makes this cheeky bastard difficult to find. You know he’s up to no good whenever he snickers and shows his stupid smirk. He LOVES to use his shape shifting abilities to mess around/confuse regular people and playfully tease the supernatural Hunters. Always one step ahead of others, one can think that they have him cornered, but he has a way to flip around the situation and end up making a fool out of them.

-Neutral, doesn’t side with anyone except if it’s of interest. He likes to negotiate with others, doing favors for something in return, but he’s not exactly one to be fully trusted as he could easily turn around and betray them. Usually does whatever he wants his way and gets whatever he wants. He doesn’t have much regard to others’ problems, if he accidentally screws over someone on the way.. Oops sorry, you’re on your own, ok bye.
-He might seem to keep a cool head all the time, but even his patience is limited, tends to get pushy and demanding to get what he wants. Becomes noticeably irritable/impatient with slow things and rushes. Hates to lose and despises being outwitted. His own overconfidence also makes him underestimate his opponents and cause him to slip up a bit more around an unexpected competent adversary.

-For some reason, he doesn’t talk about his past and avoids questions about the topic. The only thing he hints on is that he was human before. The rest is a mystery. He is only known as “Kolsvek” or “Kol”, he doesn’t say if that’s his first, last name or if it even is his real name at all.

Notes: ENFP-T
-(Former human) Supernatural, Shapeshifter. Also just called a “Shifter”. They are intelligent monstrous beings whom can shape shift to any human/humanoid/monster creature, they can even replicate clothing. Cannot replicate inorganic/manmade materials (metal, plastic, nylon, piercings, external accessories, etc.). Carnivorous, but can eat anything including humans. These beings are incredibly dangerous and nearly impossible to catch. However, they are very uncommon and almost rare to come by. They can spread only by a bite infection, the chance of surviving a bite is a low 1 in 20,000. Their origin is unknown.
-Super strength, speed, and regenerative abilities. Can still get hurt and feel pain, has to remove whatever that gets stuck in him before area can heal itself. Has really good senses like an animal and can see in the dark. Can’t gain extra limbs, but rather modify what he already has. Cannot age, he could probably live on forever until he gets killed.
-He has a habit of scratching the back of his head quickly, shifting his weight from one leg to the other or repeatedly taps his index finger on something impatiently. That’s how you know it’s him.
-Uses his original form (1st ref image) the most, feels more comfortable in it. Also uses his monster Shifter form to scare others. He can pretty much appear as anyone.
-Developed and suffers from a sort of body dysphoria. As a Shifter, he doesn’t have an identity of his own anymore besides the memory of himself before he was turned. He can change his appearance at will anytime for as long as he wants, however he always goes back to his original human form. For each passing day, if he hasn’t changed back to his original human form he slowly forgets who he is and goes into an identity crisis, his panic could last for hours until he can find himself again.