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Diego Alejandro

Gender: Male
Age: 25
Height: 5 ft. 7 in.

-One friendly and outgoing guy. He thinks he’s cool by wearing clothing resembling the style of the 80s, drinks classic Pepsi from a glass bottle and listens to his cassette tapes on a walkman. He is amicable, charming and very casual in the way he acts and speaks. He could probably get along with almost anyone. Doesn’t take things too seriously and sometimes jokes around. He only turns serious if you catch his attention, then he will listen and he is understanding in that regard. If he sees or hears an injustice or something he doesn’t agree with, he will step in and defend others and his own ground. Diego sincerely cares about those around him and would gladly lend a helping hand. To him, anyone who is a friend is family.

-Takes pride in his silly moments. Does a stupid thing every now and then, like… light a firework, throw it up in the air and hit it real hard with a bat -kind of stupid. He tries to find the opportunity to throw a pun/bad joke just to see your reaction. May also seem childish by randomly buying himself things like a pack of Caprisuns, a box of Pingüinos or Gansitos …just because he wants to and he can. Probably shouldn’t be doing that, but he’d be all like “Pshh, whatever you say. It’s my money, I do what I want yo”. And then regret it later when he needs that money to pay for bills. Damnit, Diego..
-Not the most responsible person. Improvises a lot. A little hasty in his actions. He’s daring and likes to take risks, but to a certain degree; he would go around doing something like breaking mailboxes or running away from guard dogs any day, but once he deals with facing a gang or the risk of jail time, he’ll just “Nope” on out of there. A bit naughty, but not criminal. A good guy with some bad habits.

-Mexican. Human, Hunter (A “Hunter” is a person, a normal human being just like anyone else, but with knowledge/awareness of the existence of supernatural & paranormal beings and trained to handle them. These people hunt down these beings actively or when the situation calls it.)
-He is the 2nd generation of hunters in his family, the first being his uncles and his father.
-Diego was taught a bit on how to read body language by his friend Ace. He ain’t that great, but he tries.
-Is actually super lenient with the supernatural. To him, as long as they’re not hurting anyone, it’s all cool.
-He carries a handgun on the back of his pants at the belt line and sometimes a machete on his back, both hiding underneath his leather jacket. The machete is positioned in a way that it stays comfortably hidden and can be moved slightly to be able to quickly take out his weapon in situations that call it.
-Diego is in close connection with Ace, they have been best friends since childhood
-Owns a modified dirtbike, constructed by himself. He’s sort of a bike mechanic and learned from occasionally having to fix his crappy ride.
-He works as a cashier/coffee brewer at a coffee shop. Flirts a bit with the lady customers
-Likes piña coladas.
-Owns a German Shepherd/Australian Cattle dog named Lucy. He baby talks to his dog sometimes (lol)