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Antonio Romano

Gender: Male
Age: 26
Height: Human: 6 ft. 2in. | Werewolf: 7 ft. 5 in.)

-Antonio is quite serious and neutral, looks like he’s kind of pissed all the time. He is not as sociable so he tends to distance himself a bit from others. Because of certain past events, he has much distrust in people and acts slightly defensive when asked something personal about himself. He acts passive aggressively and speaks with a bit of sarcasm and a sense of interrogation. He would try to scare and intimidate, But he won’t attack unless someone else makes the first move.

-Sometimes he let’s himself go by being a bit messy in appearance, but his will is strong enough to pick himself up, his younger brother Aaron is his motivation to keep going. Antonio is selfless and will defend those he loves with his life. Keeps few of those he trusts close. Considerate and treats others the way he would want to be treated: with respect. He is a little overprotective of his brother, since he’s what little family he has left. He is responsible of him and does his best to be the example. Cares very much for him, speaks to him firmly and treats him with lots of love and patience. He teaches him important morals and values such as defending himself, taking responsibility for mistakes and being fair with others. Antonio is softer, kind and close to his brother, everyone else sees his serious front.

-Comes from a family of 6: Mother, father, himself, 2 sisters and a little brother. Antonio is the eldest of his siblings and was raised with handling adult responsibilities. With his family’s tight financial situation due to moving frequently to escape from persecution of the Hunters, he helped his parents a lot with taking care of his siblings and protecting their home as they worked. Later, he was permitted to work in a job as he attended high school to help decrease their debts.

-Unfortunately one day he returns home to find his family raided and shot by the Hunters. He managed to defend and rescue his youngest brother Aaron and fled to safety with their grandparents elsewhere. For some years they lived with them until Antonio could finish school and sustain himself then moved out, leaving Aaron under their care and occasionally would return to visit. Eventually their grandfather became ill and died, few months after, their grandmother fell sick out of depression and landed in indefinite hospital care. Antonio took back Aaron and continues the responsibility of raising his brother himself along with living through the daily struggles of life.

Notes: ISFP/J-T
-Spanish/Mixed European. Werewolf.
-His lycanthropy is hereditary, his mother was the carrier of the gene (but hers was passive) that passed onto Antonio and his younger sister as active. Second youngest sister was passive. No one knows if his little brother would become active..
-Much like an animal, he has heightened senses, especially of hearing and smell. He is empathic (senses the feelings of others) and can even sense intentions, making him a difficult character to fool.
-Can also sense other supernatural beings and demons.
-Practices self discipline. He can moderately control himself during a full moon/in wolf form, as long as he does not turn with anger or hunger (still has some troubles tho). Whenever things get a bit out of hand, he does his best to stop himself and stay calm. He prefers not to be in such form, so he avoids transforming as much as possible.
-REALLY scary when angry/hungry, turns to a bloodthirsty beast. He worries that one day he might accidentally hurt those he cares about, especially Aaron.
-HATES being called a “dog”
-He is very resentful of Hunters, he will confront them if the situation calls it, otherwise he tries to avoid them completely. His friend Diego is his absolute only exception, Antonio is still kind of uncomfortable around him only for the fact that Diego is a Hunter, but there is an understanding and peaceful agreement between them.
-Works as a forklift driver and handles loading/unloading/lifting building materials at a warehouse.
-He still does have a sense of humor, but he doesn’t exactly laugh, more like snickers/chuckles a bit to himself when he finds something cleverly funny.
-Really likes food. Spicy is a favorite. He’s a pretty decent cook too. Spanish Werewolf chef.