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Ace Kay

Gender: Male
Age: 25
Height: 5 ft 11 in.

-He’s pretty relaxed, fair and modest, probably the most level headed person you’d meet. He’s pretty chill about a lot of things, usually just takes things as they come. Thinks before he puts into action, however he tends to second guess himself when making decisions. He’s a quick learner and uses his mistakes to learn to find different ways of performing the same action, but more efficiently. Realistic and logical, tries to makes sense and find reasoning in things, unless there isn’t any sense or reason to find then he just takes it like…oh….ok, i guess..? Has a keen eye and is quite observant, he can catch the littlest of details; finding hidden objects, spot small changes to surroundings, behavior/movement of people, almost everything simply by watching. Sort of reserved, keeps most thoughts to himself. If you ask for his opinion on something, he will answer honestly/straightforward and might come off as blunt.

-He is very persistent and doesn’t back down easily. Doesn’t know when to quit. He is the kind who can’t rest until the job is done, becomes anxious and restless with every passing minute something bothering him remains unattended. HATES being pressured or forced into doing things. It’s not easy to anger him, but when he is he acts defensive and assertively, not afraid to get up close and personal. If someone seriously upsets him somehow, he holds their words/actions against them and not forget, it can take a little while to make up to him and gain his trust back.

Notes: ISFJ-A
-American/Celtic and English. Human, Hunter (A “Hunter” is a person, a normal human being just like anyone else, but with knowledge/awareness of the existence of supernatural & paranormal beings and trained to handle them. These people hunt down these beings actively or when the situation calls it.).
-Ace is the 4th generation in his family line of hunters, the first being his great grandfather of his father’s side.
-He’s one of those few Hunters who knows how to read body language/micro expressions and uses this on a daily basis.
-Not so easy going with supernatural people, has a lot of suspicion/distrust and will shoot if they attack.
-He carries a hidden gun strapped on his left ankle under his pantleg.
-This dude is left handed
-He actually has a bunch of scratches and long questionable scars along his back. He never shows off or talks about that. Always keeps on a shirt.
-Ace is in close connection with Diego, they have been best friends since childhood
-Very observant and can spot the supernatural wherever he goes.
-Works as an office assistant with Rei Nishida.