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Gender: Agender (they/them)
Age: ??? (ageless)
Height: 5ft. 2in.

-Assertive, determined, competitive, defiant, concise and meaningful, fiery, neutrally benevolent, modest, quiet, enigmatic
-May be small, but they pack a serious punch. A force to be reckoned with. Especially when you piss them off. Don’t play with fire, kids.
-Speaks little, says a lot with few words. Foreshadows things they foresee but does not directly say what will happen.
-Guardian of a secret door. A being of legend. It is said that Gen is a powerful spirit of a higher level incarnated and assigned to protect the hidden entrance to the ruins of a stone temple in one of the many mountainous regions of Amaros. They are the protector of a priceless relic that can grant its user supernatural like powers. Those who dare attempt to enter are challenged by Gen. Throughout many millennia of guarding, only less than a handful of people have found this entrance, with none being able to defeat Gen. No one actually knows how they look like since none have lived to tell the tale.
-Since so few ever come by, Gen gets bored and leaves their post, traveling around the world and exploring everywhere they can. Their legend is thought to just be a myth and no one recognizes Gen as they pass by for a visit. People think it’s just a big coincidence that they have the same ability description as in the legend. Gen just rolls with it.

-Species: Djinmenka (demon humanoid beings with elemental kinetic abilities. Can have beastly features, multiple horns, eyes, or limbs. All agender. Known as the “glamorous” species of demon because of their variety of bright skin colors and eccentric hair styles)
-Pyrokinetic abilities- can breathe fire, summon from hands and burst up entire body in flames. Clothing is crafted in fire resistant magic.
-Has some foresight (can see small glimpses to the future)
-Teleportation, seems to appear out of no where as soon as you turn around. No one has ever seen how Gen does it..
-Super stamina, speed and VERY resistant to physical body damage. Difficult to hurt, but not completely immortal.
-Wears gold cuffs on wrists and on neck, each having small special symbols engraved on them. Their fire power is incredibly destructive, these help keep it minimized, contained and in control. You know a serious fight is about to go down if they take of their wrist cuffs..
-*NEVER takes off the neck cuff or their fire power will go out of control and their flames will consume everything around them.
-Enjoys indulging on bodily desires like eating and sleeping, even though its not necessary for them.

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