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Gender: Male
Age: 22
Height: 5ft. 7in.

-A charming young lad. Optimistic, enthusiastic, gentleman, polite, social, friendly, persuasive, deceptive, silly, cowardly, frail
-Thief/Con man . Pretends to be a professional salesman, steals things and sells them off to try to sustain himself. Gains money only to end up losing it somehow. My poor dirty boy. He really wants new pants..
-Hangs around flea markets a lot trying to steal jewelry, house hold objects, items and food from merchant booths and the customers themselves while they’re not looking. Tried to steal a live chicken, of course that didn’t go well..
-Stole goods from two rivaling pirate crews and sold them to each other. They eventually found out and now both pirate crews are fighting each other to catch him.
-He got part of his tail smashed by a customer’s door when he tried to do door-to-door selling, he can’t curl or flick it around much.

-Species: Meuneki Ambunoid. A type of (humanoid) species with animal features. From the “Meuneki” family (the feline family of this world). Cat person.
-Some cat-like behavior and instincts. Likes bathing in the sunlight on a tree. Also likes meats, poultry and dairy foods.
-Has kitty fangs, they show whenever he smiles
-Gets in trouble frequently, chased by angry customers and people he steals from. Makes a million excuses to get away.
-Not a bad guy, has a lot of potential with his way of words, but he’s kind of misguided in his direction of life


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