Gender: Male
Age: 22
Height: 5ft. 7in.


-A charming young lad. Optimistic, enthusiastic, gentleman, polite, social, friendly, persuasive, deceptive, silly, cowardly, frail
-Thief/Con man . Pretends to be a professional salesman, steals stuff and sells them off to try to sustain himself. My poor dirty boy.
-Stole goods from two rivaling pirate crews and sold them to each other. They eventually found out and now both pirate crews are fighting each other to catch him.


-Species: Meuneki Ambunoid. A type of (humanoid) species with animal features. From the “Meuneki” family (the feline family of this world). Cat person.
-Some cat-like behavior and instincts. Likes bathing in the sunlight on a tree.
-Has kitty fangs, they show whenever he smiles
-Gets in trouble frequently, chased by angry customers and people he steals from. Makes a million excuses to get away.
-Not a bad guy, has a lot of potential with his way of words, but he’s kind of misguided in his direction of life


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