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Gender: Female
(Mental) Age: 20
Height: 5ft. 8in.

-Smart, strategic, prepared, sneaky, really smooth and cool personality and uses internet slang to express herself. Kind of a tomboy too
-Daring and likes to take risks; She considers getting shot at by web security bots as a sport.
-Likes to flash her sharp mischievous grin

-Neon Dragon (winged). Eyes, hair, highlights, and markings glow
-Has heterochromia (right eye magenta, left eye cyan)
-Pixel is the leader of her group (consisting of herself, 8-Bit, GigaByte and Ska)
-Graphic artist and hacker, likes to purposely replace images on serious government web pages with rainbows, internet memes and LOL cat pictures (and she has a lot of fun trolling around like that)
-Creates modern and old school graffiti type of art. Her old school art looks like the 16/32 bit computer graphics from the Commodore Amiga.


Art By Others:

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