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Gigabyte (GB)

Gender: Male
(Mental) age: 35
Height: 6ft 7in.

-Calm and caring personality, very polite, loyal and considerate towards others
-Likes to keep his work space organized and tidy. Since he is quite big, he has to hunch over his desk in his chair, typing with his ‘smallest’ fingers and wearing fancy reading glasses to see what he writes on the screen.

-Neon Dragon (wingless). Eyes, hair and markings glow
-Eyes and hair glow
-Quite tall, a bit bulky, Dinosaur-like features. Has a cybernetic right arm with a little computer embedded on it and can use it to hack into devices
-Programmer and has the deadly ability of writing destructive viruses, instead, he likes to join Pixel with spreading cute cat pictures all over the place (and maybe even brighten your day with a cat pic sent to your desktop)

*He really likes cats. Like A LOT.