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Gender: Male
(Mental) Age: 17
Height: 5ft. 10in.

-ALWAYS looking angry. He’s cool with his peeps, but got a sort of rude attitude towards strangers. Usually picking fights.
-Likes to breaks stuff and mess with security cameras/drones
-He jumps around and stomps a lot and sticks his luminescent tongue at your face when you turn around.

-Neon Dragon (wingless). Eyes, hair and tongue glow
-Based on 8 bit graphics from the early home computers and video games.
-Moves in 8 fps, expresses with chip sounds and speaks using a speech synthesizer with a YM2149 sound chip (from an Atari ST).
-He can switch from his normal self to his pixelated awesomeness.

By Thilink @ Toyhou.se
Pixel 8-Bit By Thilink @ Toyhou.se


*8-Bit is actually an outdated program represented as a dragon. Can corrupt/breakdown in errors easily and require restarting his program.


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