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Welcome to my Original Character collection!

Original Content ©EN1GMAT1C.

●Character Permissions●


-Draw my characters in anyway you are most comfortable drawing them (as a feral animal, anthro, humanoid or human version of them).
-Have them at least staying in character
-Memes are OK. Lol.


-PLEASE do not draw my characters in adult, sexual, NSFW or (romantically) ship them with other characters.

So you know…

-This site is still under construction.
-Each section is its’ own separate idea.
-NOTHING is complete, there will be some characters with lots of text and some with hardly any. Still working on them. Don’t expect to read a finished novel.
-**Their reference sheet image is the most up to date design, Please use those!**
-If they have an alternate outfit, feel free to draw them in it, but follow the character design of their ref sheet

-I hope you can read some of my gross handwriting (lol)

If there are things you’re unsure about, don’t be afraid to ask!
Thanks for reading c:

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