Frequently Asked Questions

■What tablet/programs do you use?

  • Wacom Cintiq 13HD
  • Fire Alpaca, Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop CC

■How do you get your lines so smooth O: ?!!?!?!?!?!

  • That’s for me to know and you to figure out ahuehueheafkl;

■Do you do Requests/Art Trades?

  • No requests unless I announce them (which is rare). No, I only art trade with close friends. Sorry.

■Do you do NSFW art?

  • No, I do not.

■I’ve sent an order form! When should I expect a reply? What time frame can I expect my commission to be completed?

  • I work between 9am – 5pm Pacific Standard time. You can expect a response within 72 hrs. Time of completion depends on how occupied I am and the response time of the commissioner. If all goes smoothly and quickly, you can expect it to be completed within the same week.

■ I don’t have a reference sheet yet, can you draw my character based on a written description?

■May I re-blog/post/share your artwork on Tumblr/Facebook/Twitter/[insert whatever other site here]?

■Where can I credit you?

  • Credit me as EN1GMAT1C, on my website: or any of my social medias.
  • The following accounts below are my ONLY active accounts on the web, any other page account duplicates, impersonations, names that are close, but not quite mines are NOT me. You can only find me here:
  • Tumblr: Enigmatic-Art
  • Twitter: @EN1GMAT1C_Art
  • Newgrounds: EN1GMAT1C
  • FurAffinity: EN1GMAT1C (inactive)
  • Art Fight: EN1GMAT1C
  • Youtube<
Artwork ©EN1GMAT1C
[email protected]